What are Good Funds

Let's start with our product definition...

Our "Good Funds" payment gateway allows for real-time payment, immediate, irrevocable, interbank account-to-account transfer that utilizes a real-time messaging system connected to every end-user through your financial institution. Funds are available for use by the receiver and real-time confirmation is provided to both to you ("the sender") and receiver in seconds.

We work with All Banks & Credit Unions

GoodFundsGateway's inter-bank digital payment transfer system works with all Banks and Credit Unions that are participants in the US Federal Reserve System.

Keep your current Banking Relationships!

Security of Data & Funds

Your money and data are serious business. Our white glove approach ensures your data is highly protected and available online real-time.

Includes QuickBooks® and other accounting and escrow, title closing software integrations

How "Good Funds Gateway" Works


Owners and/or authorized persons will be properly identified to mitigate risk and loss. We provide real-time authentication that helps identify whether the checking/savings account that is being used to facilitate a payment does in fact belong to that individual or business.


Authorization includes both the initiation of payment instructions by the sender, and the real-time acceptance by the sending and receiving financial institutions of the payment request via a real-time messaging.


Providing a real time verification of what the current balance in checking/savings account of the individual or business and the current account status.


Immediate Posting (recordation / reporting) by both the sending and receiving financial institution.


Your transaction(s) will receive Real-time gross settlement (where each transaction is settled individually in real time).


Real-time messages to all the parties involved throughout all levels of the transaction(s), including Authentication, Authorization, Verification, etc.

Benefits & Features

  Convenient for all parties involved




  Coming Summer 2016!




Technical Specifications

Supported Operating Systems:

No software to download!

All Web Browsers are supported

Supported QuickBooks® Versions:

United States & Puerto Rico, 2009 - current

  • QuickBooks Pro
  • QuickBooks Premier
  • QuickBooks Enterprise
  • QuickBooks Accountant


Enrolling in the GoodFundsGateway system takes only a few minutes. You can eliminate "paper" checks from your system and start sending electronic payments in just a few simple steps.